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Meeting in Good F.O.R.M

February 25, 2020

A good analogy to the value of FORM is comparing it to the time you spend at the gym.

You dress in your workout clothes, drive to your “meeting” with the gym equipment or class. You have your towel and your water bottle in hand. You jump on the machines or take direction from the class instructor, but all your efforts could be for naught if you fail to concentrate on your form. You will gain the most benefit from exercise by making sure your form is correct.

That’s when you build the right muscles and stamina. Bad form nets no progress or results.

FORM is my acronym and your secret key to your agenda for the meeting. It’s not an agenda that you share with the other person; it is one that helps you keep focused on the mission at hand, which is building stronger business connections. This type of FORM helps you build your networked relationships. This FORM strategy is also a good one when out at a networking event, where you are meeting people without having the luxury of doing any LinkedIn research beforehand.

F.O.R.M. Stands For

FORM is my acronym for Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money/Message. While these four words don’t seem to be indicative of a strategy, they are the makings of one. These four topics of discussion will help you discover points of connection with the other person. The FORM question strategy gives you a roadmap to uncover what each person values and what his or her priorities are. It offers you multiple ways to connect, find commonalities, shared experiences, and interests.

If you are apprehensive, rest assured you will quickly learn how to ask natural and unthreatening questions. In fact, you will quickly discover that your interest will flatter them. When you ask appropriate questions, you will discover information that becomes a basis for determining if there is the potential for a value-added business relationship. Your discussion will also help you in a post-meeting assessment. Actually, the questions make meetings more interesting!

You will find that before long, you will have your own repertoire for all of the FORM questions. 

Next month I will break down F.O.R.M with suggestions and examples. Stay tuned

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