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Nail The Sales – Podcast

May 11, 2020



Listen in as Rick interviews Rob Thomas from RobThomasUSA.com an author, speaker, and business trainer.  Rob walks us through how he ended up working at Disney, a funny story about perseverance and the need for something on his resume.  Then Rob digs into the 4 steps to understanding who you need to meet with to grow your business of any kind.  

1) Identify

2) Maximize

3) Refine

4) Nurture



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Relationships are the backbone of business success. Rob Thomas has proven that who you don’t know is costing you.

In his book, Who Do You Need to Meet, Rob Thomas unlocks the secrets of his Rob Thomas Method™ (RTM™) of networking to provide readers with an easy, logical, systematic and actionable process for efficient, successful networking.

Some of the ingredients in the RTM™ secret sauce include:

  • The #1 Rule in cultivating business relationships
  • How to identify your Top 10 business connections
  • Why your message matters
  • Questions to ask and what their answers tell you
  • How to qualify the potential of a new connection
  • How to re-evaluate your existing connections