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One Quick Tip to Stand Out at Networking Events

January 21, 2020

Today, I wanted to give a quick tip on something that is always overlooked while networking. 


The number one problem that people have when they go to an event is that they don’t know where to put their name badge.

So they will either get a sticky name badge like at a Chamber event, or a clip on, they might even get a kind of pin. It’s not gonna be magnetic but they’ll get a pin. Be it either male or female, most of them, especially male, will put it on the pocket of their jacket. Because, well, because someone, somewhere told them, which is a myth, that the pocket of a jacket was designated for a name badge. Which just is not true.

You want to have the name badge on the right lapel. Now this applies for male and female. You want to have it on the right hand side. 95% of us are right handed. The other 5% are left handed, but they shake with their right hand, because when was the last time you went to an event and somebody reached out and grabbed your hand with their left hand? So when we do that, and we shake with our right hand our eyesight travels up our arm, right to where your lapel is. And all I need is a first name. I don’t, even, almost need the name of your company; most definitely not your last name, because I need to know your name so I can associate it with your face.

To learn more about what I do and learn more tips, watch this 8-min video clip below.

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